Kirat Yakthung Chumlung (UK)

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KYC-UK Forecast of Event 2019

S.No. Events & Activities Date Venue
01 New Year 2019.Workshop  1-Jan- 19 Maidstone Kent ME15 6AZ
02 Yalambar Hang Cup Co- Meeting (YHC) 17 Feb-19 Feltham  TW13 7EF
03 Final Yalambar Hang Cup Co-  13 Apr-19 Feltham  TW13 7EF
04 KYC UK Yalmabar Hang Cup (YHC)  20 Apr-19 Feltham  TW13 7EF
05 YHC A&E/SisekpaTangnam Co- Meeting 19May-19 Feltham/Chumlung Den
06 ST Final  Co/YH Badmintion Meeting 30 jun-19 Feltham/Chumlung Den
07 KYC UK Sisekpa tangnam / Chumlung Den opening 13Jul-19 Chumlung Den /TW13 7EF 
08 Sisekpa Tangnam 2019 A&E Fund Raising Dinner 17Aug-19 Chumlung Den/Aldershot
09 Y H Badmintion  Tournament 24Aug-19 Basingstoke
10 Y H  Badmintion A&E Meeting cyber      07Sep-19 N/A
11 Welfare Fund Raising Marathon  08Sep-19 TBC
12 KYC UK National Council Meeting 21Sep-19 Chumlung Den/Feltham
13 Chasok Tangnam co- meeting 09Nov-19 Chumlung Den
14 KYC UK Central Chasok Tangnam  14Dec-19 Chumlung Den 
* ST=Sisekpat Tangnam     
* YHBC=Yalambar Hang Badmintion Cup    
*  A&E= Assesment and Evaluation    


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